The new Music-Map Design is live!

Three weeks ago, I asked about your opinion on the redesign.

The voting and discussion that followed were pretty interesting. 74% of you preferred the new design. The most requested features were an option for a darker background and a way to search for bands directly from the map.

So I implemented a design-chooser, that you can access by clicking the blue question mark in the upper right corner. Or from the about link on the frontpage. There are two versions of the new design. I dubbed them "Snow Desert" and "Night Sky":

Snow Desert

Night Sky
And I implemented the search right from the map. When you click the bandname on top of the page, it will turn into a search field:
So this is it for the old design that has been doing its duty for 10 years now. Sniff. For archival purposes, here are two screenshots of the old design: Ok, so try out the new design! If you stumble upon a bug, have a comment, question or suggestion - please leave a reply:

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