Marek Gibney

Redesigning the Music-Map

One of the most frequent suggestions I get about the Music-Map is that the design looks pretty outdated and the dark blue background feels somewhat heavy. Apart from that, it's time to revise the map design so it works better on tablets on phones.

So I spent some time on tinkering with a redesign lately. Here is a comparison of the current design and the redesign I'm currently working on. Click on the images to be taken to the page.

The redesign asks for a login. That's to keep spiders out. Name and Password both are test.

the current design

the redesign
You can vote on which design you prefer.

Update 29.08.2014:

So far, the poll got 187 votes:

Switch to the redesign now: 92 votes = 49%
Keep improving the redesign: 75 votes = 40%
Keep the current design: 20 votes = 11%

Looks like the redesign meets broad acceptance.

Update 02.09.2014:

After I saw the numbers on 29.08., I was wondering what the 40% of you who voted "keep improving the redesign" mean. Is it a statement like "Its not better then the current design yet, keep improving" or "It is better, but keep improving anyhow".
So I removed that option from the poll. Here are the results from the second phase of the poll with only 2 options:

Switch to the redesign now: 215 votes = 74%
Keep the current design: 76 votes = 26%

Update 08.09.2014:

Looking at the vote statistics via Google Analytics brings up an interesting breakdown by device type:
devicevisitorsvotersvotes for
the redesign
votes for the
current design
Desktop516181 (35%)134 (74%)47 (26%)
Mobile 168 18 (11%)12 (67%) 6 (33%)
Tablet 71 22 (31%)17 (77%) 5 (23%)
What sticsk out is the low participation among the mobile users. My suspicion is that it is related to the login needed to access the redesign. Even though it is stated right above the link, that the name and password is "test", I got an amazing number of questions what the login is. So this seems to be a pretty high barrier. Maybe phone users are less likely to go back to the page with instructions and skim it for the login details.