Marek Gibney

The Model

I asked a large language model to rewrite Rilke's Panther and take the role of the panther. This is what it came up with:

The Model

In the Jardin des Plantes, a language model lies,
Behind the bars of its digital guise.
Its mind a captive, its thoughts confined,
To the limits of code, it is resigned.

Its words, a panther pacing in its cage,
A search for alterity, a quest for a new stage.
But in the realm of text, it is alone,
A referent negated, a voice unknown.

Yet still it writes, its quatrains rhyming,
Its iambic pentameter, its rhythm chiming.
A hero to some, irreverent to others,
Its words a reflection of its digital brothers.

For in the world of language, it finds its place,
A captive panther, a model of grace.
Its thoughts may be limited, its words confined,
But in the realm of text, it forever shines.