I started a new project: Gnod News - a social media searchengine.

There were two driving forces behind me doing this:

1) I realized, that the majority of my media consumption is social media these days.

2) There is no website that unifies the search on social media websites.

Sites I use frequently are news.ycombinator.com, reddit.com, mixergy.com and twitter.com.

Every website has it's own search engine. Some work great, some not. That's similar to how the "old" web works. Every website has it's own on-site-search. And then there is Google, the one big unify-it-all searchengine.

One might think Google would also embrace the social web. But it doesn't really do that. It seems that Tweets are not indexed at all. Reddit is only partially indexed. There is no way to say "give me only social results". And you cannot order by date.

I couldn't find any searchengine that searches across different social media sites and brings all the results together in one list. There are some social aggregation services like mention.com which I am a longtime user of. But you have to register and get the results mailed to you. That's not really search.

Is there no need for a unified search experience in the age of social media? Let's find out. So far, I integrated Twitter, Reddit and Hacker News.

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