Now on Product Chart: The 3D-Printer Comparison.

This is a section I find especially fascinating. 3D-Printers have been around for many years. Unnoticed by the general public. But they slowly but steadily get more popular.

I see them being everywhere in 10 to 20 years from now. Maybe 3D-Printing will replace cleaning at one point. Instead of cleaning an object, you just tell your computer to print a new one. The printer might even recycle the old object.

3D Printers will gain massively from the advantages in artificial intelligence. What is a stationary device by now will probably be a little robot in the future. A little robot that runs around, builds and repairs things. There will be no limit to the size of what they can build. They can build their own staircases to reach up higher.

Today, Google Trends shows this chart for "3D Printer":

Here is an embedded version that is supposed to be up to date:
3d printers google trends