This has been in the making since March last year when I first did the chart of the 200 most popular flash drives. Called it "The tourist map of flashdrives" at that time. I added more products and interactive filters later in the year. Every time it got good responses and even some press outlets picked it up.

So far, it was part of the Gnod project. In a broad sense, that makes sense. As Gnod is the "Global Network Of Discovery" and the charts are a new way to discover products.

But after a while I noticed that the concept of Gnod became spread too thin. People either referred to it as a Music/Movie/Book-Recommendation site or as a Product-Comparison site. And in my heart, Gnod really is a discovery system.

So I went on a long journey to find a better place for the product charts. And here it is: - Interactive Product Comparison Charts

Mission statement: For every product type, provide a nice overview of what is available in the market, plus the filters to choose the perfect product.

Let's see where this goes. It's still beta, it's still experimental, but it's a project on it's own now!

If you want to keep up with ProductChart, follow it on twitter: @productchart