Marek Gibney

Bookmarklet Editor

This editor lets you easily create and edit bookmarklets. You can convert an existing bookmarklet into readable code, or convert readable code into a bookmarklet.

Bookmarklets are similar to browser extensions. I prefer bookmarklets to browser extensions for multiple reasons:

  • They work on all devices. Desktop, iOS and Android.
  • They only have access to the page you invoke them on.
  • It is easy to read, understand and change the code as it is just a single file.
  • I can organize them just like my other bookmarks.
  • Sharing a bookmark is as easy as copy/pasting a line of text.

How to use Bookmarklets

  • Write some code into the textarea.
  • Click the "To Bookmark" button.
  • Copy the code into an existing bookmark.
  • Now, when you click on your bookmark, the code gets executed.


Here are some examples. When you click on one, the code will be loaded into the textarea.
  • Ruler - Shows a horizontal line that you can move around with the mouse
  • Increase Font size - Increases the font size of all elements on the screen by 25%
  • Unsticky - Hides all sticky elements on the current page