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Entry Nr. 31, by user 1
Simulate a slow network connection
Proxy in Bash Not using perl or any of that fancy stuff :)
Show open Ports lsof -i
Show memory usage free
Show hardware infos (Mainboard, Memory etc) lshw
Show infos about memory usage cat /proc/meminfo
Infos about performance (Memory, Swap, CPU etc) vmstat 1
Infos about CPUs cat /proc/cpuinfo
Process Substitution Feed programms that only read from files:
diff <(echo abc) <(echo abd)
Rip DVDs You want to store a DVD in a file on your Computer? Here is a one line command that will do it for you.
Compare Files
Capture Webtraffic Useful to see, how your browser interacts with a server.
Count Links on a Website
Access windows from the shell
Capture Processes Create stats about which processes are running
Incremental Backup Tool
Show open Files lsof
Disable Swap
Ubuntu Live CD on an USB stick
Go online with Notebook and Mobile Phone Connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth
Find out the distribution cat /etc/issue
bashrc My Bashrc additions
Switch internal and external monitor
Compare directories over SSH
Turn spaces into underscores in filenames
find some nice usages of find
pv pipe view.
Substract on file from another grep -vxF -f file1 file2
Reduce Fan Noise Via Fancontrol
Google Adwords Editor 7.61 on Wine
Root Terminal in the Gnome Main Menu
Irssi The irc client
thinkfan Controls the fan speed on lenovo Thinkpads
Slim Desktop Install
Check if a mountpoint is active
find files that contain string1 but not string2
get infos on x windows (titels, positions etc) xwininfo -root -tree
Slim LAMP install
Tunnel all traffic through ssh
Tunnel Web traffic through an ssh proxy
Change language to english in Bash
Share current directory via a temporary webserver python -m SimpleHTTPServer
Mint: Getting a Geforce 630GT Grafic card to run
convert pdf 2 epub
Installing Mint into an encrypted partition
Playing sound on two soundcards simultaneously
Repair Grub for encrypted LVMs
find newest files recursively
shred everything inside a directory
mount partitions on startup via fstab
tunnel vnc traffic through ssh
Debian 7 settings
sync directories rsync -av --delete source/ destination/
apache https
compress a folder zip -9r foo.zip foo
distraction free screen
current time in any time zone TZ=EST date
Recursively find the newest file in a directory
run stuff with nice and ionice
list active http connects
Debuggin Bash Scripts set -x
install debian 8
Apache 2.4 useful tools
Measure upload speed from the terminal
Multiuser Screen
Compare Long Lines
forward port via ssh
Disable power management of network card