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Web site load time measure tools
Decoding winmail.dat files Some users of Microsoft Outlook send Attachments called winmail.dat. These are not readable in most email software.
Instant Domain Search A nice tool to search for domain names
www.pcnames.com Another Domain-Name-Search-Tool
Adsesense Calculator This tool provides an easy way to calculate advertising potential for any site
Reverse IP Find Domains by IP
Capture HTTP-Traffic with tcpdump
Wait for a PPP connection
Find City and Country by IP www.maxmind.com/app/locate_ip
www.statbrain.com Nice page with domain summaries like traffic and backlinks.
userfly.com record and replay user sessions
loadimpact.com Measure the impact of different numbers of clients on the performance of a server.
Proxies Useful to see how a website looks from different locations.
Measure Website Loadtime with curl
Favicons etc
BuiltWith Track the tools and technology used by websites