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Tools that make the net a better place
Editor Edit any website. Bookmark this link to use it: Editor.
Check All Bookmarklet to check all checkboxes on a html page.
Bookmark this link to use it: Check all
Sorter A bookmarklet to make a table on a websites sortable.
Bookmark this link to use it: Sorter.
Resizer A bookmarklet to add resize-handles to all textareas and iFrames on a website.
Bookmark this link to use it: Resizer.
Searcher Searches browser content even in interactive text elements.
FormTarget This one enables you to submit a form to a new window with a shift-click on a submit button. Bookmarkthis link to use it: FormTaget
Mover Move stuff around.
Bookmarklet: Mover
Tester Automated Website Testing. Use this Link to use it: Tester
Spider New. Unfinished. Untested Spider
Eraser Erase stuff from the screen. New and unfinished. Eraser
Mover v2
Collector ...collects data from a series of urls generated by a url template. Bookmark: collector
execute use this link to use it: execute
enumerate search results